Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Getting Your Startup Noticed by Investors

Getting Your Startup Noticed by Investors

The startup marketplace is extremely crowded and competitive. A 2016 study revealed that the average startup that was able to make it into the esteemed Y-Combinator accelerator program, only infact received just over $17,000 in seed funding, plus having to sacrifice a 7% stake for the seed. And 17k doesn’t go very far typically with most startups these days.

So the fact is that you as a Founder need to take some initiative in getting your startup noticed. Typically that could start by getting to know, and building relationships with investors. Doing a great deal of networking and using investors and other Founders as a sounding board for your idea. This will allow you to start to build inroads with investors. Plus some might take interest in what you’re doing. 

However that being said, it’s worth mentioning that partnering with a professional venture capital consultant helps in a number of ways. Doing so can help to take the burden off of yourself in building all these business connections and relationships. You’d simply be tapping into the VC consultants existing connections. This makes it easier for you to show your pitchdeck to qualified investors and attract the funding you need. You’d do this by using a VC consulting firm such as Angel Vision Investors . This will give you a jump start ahead of the competition and an in with a large group of qualified investors; which on your own could take many months to cultivate. 

The bottom line is that the more investors hear about your and know about your project, the more likely you are to attract interest and locate a VC or Angel to back your project. Again the field is very crowded so you must get the word out to investors about your startup, everywhere and anywhere possible.

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